Student-Accommodation- Rooms - Valencia
Why us?
If you still have doubts if our accommodation fit you,
read our advantages and see that our accommodation
                      is the best choice

1.  Payment due upon arrival
2.  No deposit
3.  No minimum months!
4.  No hidden fees!
5.  No commission!
6.  No bills to pay!
7.  High quality flat.
7.  Fully equipped flat.
8.  Spacious and lighted rooms with desks and a clothes cupboard.
9.  The room is only for you, it's not a shared room.
10. Wireless Internet.
11. Cleaning service and bed linen included.
12. Best location near the center of the city and close to transportation
      and services.
13. Best location, best service, best conditions at the cheapest price.
Remember, winner price it's us!

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