Moving to Valencia?
You have decided to move to Valencia, Spain, and it's really a great choice! Valencia
is marvelous city that has a lot to offer. 
But you likely have a really serious task to find you a permanent housing, such as
a room in a shared flat or an apartment in the city.
Finding permanent housing from your own country is almost impossible.
You will need temporary accommodations with all the comforts of home first.
It will be your base to find the housing you are looking for.

This temporary accommodation need to be at a reasonable price that will give
you option to stay for sufficient time to find the best place to live.
From our experience, all the temporary accommodation options always have
at least one big disadvantage:

1. If the accommodation offers you a good price, normally it is outside the city,
or if it is in the city the area isn't safe, or it is far away from public transport.
2. Most of the time, cheap accommodations are also unclean places, especially
if they are located in the city.
3. Usually you will need to pay more for extra facilities, such as Internet access.

At, we know that it isn't easy to find housing, but we are here
to help! With us, you can book a room for a long stay at almost the same price
at a permanent room in a shared apartment, and without the obligation of
a minimum stay.You can book for one week, two weeks, or a month or even
more, depending on what you need. Finding your own place we know can take
more than just a few days, so offer you some great deals.

The advantages:
1. The apartments are located in Valencia City very close to the city center
2. The apartments are near to all public transportation, including the metro and buses
3. The apartments are located near supermarkets, pharmacies, coffee houses & stores
4. You will get coffee and tea, biscuits, bed linen and cleaning at no additional payment.
5. Free Internet access is offered
6. You have access to a kitchen where you can prepare your meals and save money
7. Payment is due upon arrival
8. A private room is not shared with other people. It is your private room
9. We guarantee clean rooms

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